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ExpressVu Double (82-91)
Dish Network Dish500 (110-119)
Dish Network Dish1000 (110-119-129)
Dish Network SuperDish 121 (110-119-121)
Dish Network SuperDish 105 (105-110-119)
StarChoice (107.3-111.1)
Satcontrol SM3D12/SM3D22 Motor*
STAB Motors (HH100 & HH120)*
STAB Motors (HH90)*
Pansat PM900 S Motor*
Moteck SG2100 Motor*
GeoSatPro GS120 Motor*
PowerTech DG240/DG280 Motor*
*(When pointing for a motor, use the map to the right to find your house with the satellite pictures, the results page will give you a reference line to point your setup to true south)

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I am using a DTV PhaseII, PhaseIII or AT9 dish.

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